Ways for Kids to Earn Money

I would not consider this site to be complete without a mention of ways for kids to earn money. It’s true that pre-teens and younger will find fewer opportunities, and when exploring ways for kids to earn money, I would recommend at least some level of parental supervision, but a bit of searching and creativity will uncover a few good opportunities.

Too often, this question conjures images of the immortal front yard lemonade stand, and this method can certainly be employed, with a bit of a technological face lift. Full color fliers can be printed and taken to your local church, or posted ‘round your neighborhood advertising the event, and if your church or neighborhood association has a web presence, an inquiry or two could get you some free advertising. Not only does this provide a good answer to the question, but it’s almost certain to be more successful than simply setting up the stand in the front yard with no advertising.

Similarly, let your kids manage your next yard sale for half the take! Less headaches for you, and valuable experience for your kids! That’s win-win!

If using this particular approach, there’s no reason that the two ideas above couldn’t be combined. Hold a nice yard sale and have something refreshing to drink!

Building further on this idea, organize your children to collect “yard sale donations,” a couple weeks before the event. Such an expedition through your neighborhood can yield surprising treasures and get your kids much more involved in the process, and often, you’ll find no shortage of willing donors, who have a few items, but not enough to hold a sale of their own, or who have a great many items they want to be rid of, but don’t want to be bothered with lugging it to a charity organization, or hosting their own yard sale.

Another major (and often overlooked) category of money making opportunities for kids (from the very young to teens) is in the area of arts and crafts. If your children already exhibit a knack for the artistic (and most kids do, though many of us seem to lose that gift in adulthood), then you’re already several steps to the good! At local craft shows, it’s quite common to see simple rocks painted with fanciful flowers or playfully rendered insects, and they sell like hotcakes! Rocks! Or bead craft. Anyone, of any age can quickly gain proficiency in bead craft, and with a bit of help and guidance, can begin making quite striking creations, which can put a tidy sum into kids’ pockets!

Depending on your means, you might add a bit of technology, and encourage your kids to experiment with digital photography or the like. In fact, depending on the maturity of your child and the level of supervision and support you can provide, there’s no reason that the majority of the ideas presented in other articles on this site couldn’t be used in some form or fashion…you don’t have to be an adult in order to make use of the information in the other articles! (specifically, see Earning Extra Money – Physical Goods & Services (locally), Earning Extra Money – How to Earn Money on the Internet, and even Establishing a Passive Income Business for additional ideas).

As a youngster, I was always quite interested in finding ways to earn a few extra bucks, but with no guidance or supervision, I really didn’t know where to start. You will find that children in general are keenly interested in the subject, not only from a practical standpoint, but also because finding ways for kids to earn money gives them a sense of independence they would not have otherwise had, and if the ideas above haven’t sparked any interest, then here are several more to consider:

Services – The old adage is true, “find out what people don’t like doing, and you’ll never have a shortage of work!” So…offer to run errands for harried adults. Or walk the dog(s). Or pet sit (a variant of babysitting that pays nearly as well, but while we’re on the subject, let’s go ahead and add babysitting to the list. It’s an old standby, but that doesn’t mean we ought not at least consider it!)

In this same basic category, we’ve got car washing and detailing…if the adults in your area are half as harried as they are here, then there will be a good many who’ll be relieved to have someone to do this kind of work for them. In the warm parts of the year, there’s always lawn and garden maintenance (from cutting, to trimming, edging, pruning, general pickup, leaf blowing and the like), and in the winter months there’s shoveling the walk! Around the house there’s general cleaning/vacuuming, laundry service, window washing, and the like.

In the “run errands” department, you could do anything from cater breakfasts to doing the grocery shopping! Then there’s more advanced stuff that you’d want to specifically use responsible teens for, such as afternoon elderly care and things like hostess duties for busy households. Not everyone will have the means to afford services like these, so tailor what you’re offering to the needs and desires of the people nearest you. There’s a market for just about anything you can dream up, it is just a matter of finding it!

Finally, and here’s something you may not have thought of…games.

Yes, games!

World of WarCraft, Second Life, and those types of games. There’s a HUGE market for premade, already powerful or established characters, so if you already have an account, it’s easy enough to create a character, level him up and give him loads of good equipment, then auction him off to the highest bidder. Check out http://www.buymmoaccounts.com/ for starters, and Google “buy mmo accounts” for additional sites catering to this demand. I’m not kidding, there’s money to be made here, and there are HUNDREDS of MMO’s on the ‘net today, catering to every genre out there. If you enjoy those kinds of games, why not make them pay!

Based on the above, I think you’ll agree that there are certainly no shortage of ways for kids to earn money, and while not every item on this list is new or innovative, my hope is that by taking this list and combining it with other things from the other articles here on the Extra Income Ideas site, you’ll be able to find just the right thing for your child, no matter how young or old!

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